Welcome to the world of Crypto with FlokiGaming Industry

I bet many of you have already heard that Elon Musk got a new pet dog named Floki. So, we present to your kind attention a crypto-digital development devoted to Elon Musk's new pet. Please, meet FlokiGaming. Emission is just! This is 100% Community Project!!! Our Community members will participate in a new economic model, that is PLAY TO EARN! FlokiGaming ecosystem will be amazing.
Contract Address:

About the project

What are the goals of our project?

In the first place, the FlokiGaming project is intended to provide central management and distribution of finances to various decentralized crypto projects, such as Solana, CoinList, PancakeSwap, Binance NFT and many others.

Our goal is to distribute finances and diversify risks between the projects, progressively getting revenues from them, by way of:

  • Investing
  • Creating our own projects in the world of blockchain technologies

We want to improve people's acceptance of cryptocurrencies worldwide, make entering the blockchain technology industry a much easier step.

Create one of the best and most recognizable digital brands in the cryptocurrency world.

Increase the investment capital of our project participants by 100 times as a minimum, and even by 1000 times in the long run.

Develop unique blockchain projects in the NFT art industry, DeFi and CryptoGame developments.

Our team is a bit worried by the current state of the CryptoGames industry, where games are made quick-and-dirty, with the projects first getting much hype and then dying in a couple of months, leaving many investors and gamers at a loss.

We are determined to change this situation! Your attention and trust are the most important things for us.

About Team

We are a team of enthusiastic programmers from different countries. We make a project for people, for fun and to make money in the form of tokens! We are a fully identified and verified team. We decided to make a project and invest in it all the funds both material and spiritual. We promise that we will not let you down, but will only make you happy and develop the project in the field of nft and games. Hundred percent we will achieve at least the results of our big brother floki inu. Keeping our token holders receive passive income in the form of our tokens. We make the project for people, together we can develop our ecosystem. We know how to do it, trust us. Thank you for your consideration.


Have you heard the news?

They say that Elon Musk is going to fly to the Moon with our team and FlokiGaming is at the controls of the Starship.

Do you want to join us?

Then, what are you waiting for? There are still some places but there isn't much time left.
We assure you that this journey will be an unforgettable one because we are flying to the Moon and going to make it x100 and higher!!

About token

It was decided to create a token on BinanceSmartChain for this project.

  • Token: Floki Gaming Industry (FLT)
  • Emission: 10 000 000 000 000
  • No tax on every buy and sell for simply trading FLT Token

The purpose of this token is very simple, it is for long-term investments.

We plan to actively promote our project and token so that the presale investors could get maximally quick and big profit.

How can any token holder get a guaranteed profit?

As we have already written above, we plan to reinvest the funds collected by presale into different crypto projects, and this will yield a guaranteed half-passive income for us and completely passive income for you.

We'll distribute net profit on:

  • Reinvestment
  • Promotion of our project
  • Launch of the NFT market
  • Development and creation of AAA (crypto) Games
  • Buyback and burning FlokiGaming Token

This strategy will bring profit to our project and, accordingly, to our investors and token holders.

Our goal is to reduce the circulation of emitted tokens by at least 2 times!

We guarantee profit for our investors and token holders.

The longer is the hold, the longer is the yacht.

coming soon


Meet NFT FlokiGaming

Pack 1

Classic NFT cards, with Elon Musk's favorite pet

Gather your favorite collection, trade, exchange and have fun.


Pack 2

Unique, animated FlokiGaming NFT cards

Animated NFT cards will give you exclusive and unique opportunities in our future DeFi and Game projects.


Pack 3

Rare, VIP FlokiGaming NFT

With VIP NFT cards you'll get all the privileges and will be able to join the closed VIP club of the project participants

Anonce Of The First ScreenShots About Our First IOS and Android Game Floki-Puppy Sahara Adventures

Introducing our first game for fun and earning tokens! We are already actively working on it!!! You can play as Floki or his Friends! Choose your Hero and go on adventures!!! As you progress through the levels, you get Floki Tokens!!! Go further, get more FLOKIGaming Tokens!!! Play and earn!!!

BUSD funds received from the sale of NFT packs will be spent on:


Development and promotion of FlokiGaming Ecosystem


Creation of NFT marketplace


Updates of the site


Passing the Audit


Buyback of FlokiGaming Token to reduce emission


Investment into Crypto-DeFi



  • FlokiGaming Has Arrived
  • Website Launch
  • Interfi Contract Audit
  • Preparing To Pre-Sale 4,000,000,000,000 FLT FlokiGamingIndustry Tokens (
  • Presale Launch
  • Make liquidity pool on pancakeswap
  • CMC / Coingecko listings
  • White Paper
  • 5,000 Token Holders
  • Users rewards program and airdrops
  • FlokiGaming NFT Collection
  • Placement on small ecxhanges
  • Aggressive marketing Campaign
  • 10,000 holders
  • Solid partnerships
  • Website Redesign and Relaunch
  • 10,000 Telegram subscribers
  • Initial CEX Listings
  • Global Website Relaunch
  • NFT Marketplace
  • 50,000 holders
  • DEX FlokiSwap
  • FlokiGaming Banking and crosschain p2p platform
  • 50,000 Telegram Members

Distribution of Tokens

  • 10% on rewards for FlokiGaming project team members
  • 3% on AirDrops
  • 5% on Bounty program
  • 30% on making liquidity pool on PancakeSwap
  • 40% Presale launch
  • 12% DEX and CEX platforms 

All unsold presale tokens will be immediately burnt, as well as part of those in the mentioned above points of token distribution in percentage correlation with the number of burnt presale tokens, this to be done in order not to break the initial percentage of token distribution and avoid breaking the project's overall economy structure

BUSD funds received from the presale will be spent as such:
  • 12% on valuable prizes for FlokiGaming holders
  • 12% on making liquidity pool on PancakeSwap
  • 16% on the FlokiGaming token advertising campaign
  • 10% on the Website redesign and relaunch
  • 15% on creation and launch of BabyFloky NFT sales
  • 30% creation of own projects and investment into Crypto-DeFi

Short-term plans

FlokiGaming platform global relaunch

We are going to completely redesign our site and its functions.
Projects planned to be added into the Floki ecosystem:


NFT marketplace


Floki Casino Platform


Floki Crowdfunding


Floki p2p platform


Floki SWAP


Floki Crypto-Exchange


Floki Game Studio


Mobile Crypto and NFT Games Market